About Us

Fort Bend CORPS is the only non-profit agency in the county that addresses minor home repairs for elderly, disabled and low income individuals.  Since 1999 we have provided these services to maintain a higher quality of living for those residents who are sometimes overlooked.

The CORPS delivers free home repairs so that:

•Homeowners can continue to live comfortably in their homes. •Neighborhoods retain these homeowners who provide mature, moral, and ethical role models.
•Difficult living conditions are eliminated and quality of life improved. •Affordable housing stock is maintained in the community.

All repairs are necessary and make a positive impact on the life, health, and safety of the homeowner. Examples of repairs frequently done by the CORPS are:
• Roof Replacements • Restore Gas Service (due to gas leaks)
• Kitchen & Bathroom Repairs • New Water Heater
• Plumbing Repairs • Handicap Accessories in Bathroom
• Foundation Repairs

• Wheelchair Ramp

• Exterior Repairs & Painting

• Septic Systems


   Our current operating budget is over $2 million and 90% of that goes directly to program delivery. Only 10% of our budget is spent on administrative costs.  With over 600 square miles of service area, the CORPS mobilizes hundreds of volunteers monthly to work on home repair projects throughout Fort Bend County.  When the value of that volunteer labor is factored into our budget, over 120% of our budget goes to program services! 













Ronald M. Castillo

Executive Director

Brandy K. Leonhardt   Fiscal Director
Luis Chavex Program Director
May Ojo Intake Clerk