The Fort Bend CORPS uses a confidential application process to verify client eligibility and home repair needs.  Our agency services those clients who are elderly, disabled and/or low income.  The majority of our home repair funding comes from federal block grants and these programs require extensive documentation.  In order to meet these requirements, clients are asked to supply copies of several key documents to verify eligibility. 

The documents needed to complete the application are as follows:

*Completed and signed Fort Bend CORPS application.

*Copy of most recent income statements (IRS Tax Form 1040, Social Security Statements,  Retirement Statements, Unemployment Statements, Pension, Annuities and/or Average Pay Stub from Employer) for ALL ADULTS LIVING IN THE HOME.

*Copy of Valid Texas Driver's License or Picture ID for ALL ADULTS LIVING IN THE HOME.

*Copy of Birth Certificate and/or legal documents showing U.S. Citizenship requirement for Head of Household.


*Copy of last (2) Months of Checking and Savings Accounts for ALL ADULTS IN THE HOUSEHOLD.

*Copy of NOTARIZED Property Deed or Title to home verifying ownership.  Mobile Homes- must provide copies of title to mobile home AND deed to land.



Frequently asked questions:


1. What is the notarized deed or title to my home? 

The property deed or title is an official record that you own the home.  The deed or title is issued during the closing process of purchasing a home.  If you have a mortgage, the title company, lending institution or seller should have provided you an official property deed with your name and the legal desription of the property listed in the document.  This deed is then notarized by the Fort Bend County Clerk certifying that the property was officially recorded in the County Tax Records in your name.  The notarized seal is found on THE LAST PAGE of the deed.  It is usually a rectangle or circular seal with the notary signature and date included.  Our office needs copies of usually the first page of the deed and the last page with the notary seal clearly identified.

2. What if I did not have any income to report?

If you did not work or receive any form of income in the past year, then a notarized Affidavit of Income will need to be submitted with the completed application for each adult member that did not receive income.  This form must be included with your completed application. 

3. Once my application is received, how long will it take to get home repair assistance?

If you have supplied all of the required documents, then our office will place your name on our waiting list.  Once your name is placed on our waiting list, then the average wait period is 12 months or longer.  Due to the high demand for services in our area, clients who are not considered emergency cases will have a lengthy period to wait.  NOTE: elderly AND disabled clients are considered high priority on the waiting list; then elderly OR disabled, followed by low income clients.

4. What kind of assistance does the Fort Bend CORPS provide?

Our agency provides minor home repair services that address life and safety issues found within the home.  Meaning, A/C and heating repairs, roof repairs and/or roof replacement, minor electrical and plumbing repairs, some foundation leveling, handicapped assistance (wheelchair ramps, walk-in-showers, doorway widening, etc.)  We do not address mold/mildew issues or cosmetic issues.