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The four components of the CORPS’ home repair program are as follows:


Roofs Over Fort Bend is a program that repairs or replaces leaky or failing roof systems. Professional roofing contractors, who are fully insured and guarantee all materials and labor to the homeowner, are hired by the CORPS to make the repairs. The CORPS mainly utilizes public grant dollars to pay for these repairs.


Interior Repair Program is a program that uses professional contractors and licensed tradesmen to provide repairs to essential interior living systems. Typical repairs include basic plumbing (water and waste water delivery), water heater repair or replacement, septic repair or replacement, sewer connection, gas service, electrical, foundation stabilization, and handicap accessible bathrooms.

Cosmetic improvements are not considered for this program. The purpose of this program is to correct life, health and safety issues so the homeowner can live safely, and comfortable in his or her own home with their basic need for shelter met.


Hearts and Hammers
is a volunteer driven home repair program that restores the exterior of homes. Selected homes are primarily wood sided and need scraping and painting. Other tasks include siding replacement, window repair, caulking, porch repair, step and wheelchair ramp construction as well as yard cleanup and trash removal. The CORPS locates and qualifies the homeowner, determines the scope of work, and provides all necessary paint and building materials by raising money through private donations. Local corporations, churches, schools, and civic associations sponsor volunteer crews of 15-35 people including a crew leader. These volunteer crews perform all the work and supply their own tools, ladders, scrapers, paintbrushes, hammers, and compassion.


The neighborhood clean-up program focuses on blighted areas of Fort Bend County and utilizes volunteer labor and private donations to address health, safety and sanitary issues at these sites.  One of the major impact programs our agency provides, the Fort Bend CORPS plans the project and provides the supplies needed for the volunteer clean-up crews.  By cleaning up neglected areas of the county, neighborhoods in and around these sites take on a sense of pride and become sustainable and improved assets of Fort Bend County.

All of the above Fort Bend CORPS home repair programs focus on:

Restore basic housing requirements to provide safe, sanitary, and decent housing so homeowners can continue to live comfortably in their own homes;

Encourage and reassure those living in difficult circumstances;

Retain mature, moral, and ethical influences in neighborhoods.

The need for a community revitalization effort and housing rehabilitation program in the county is great. It must be a community-wide effort, and one of which the entire county must take ownership.

Future repair projects depend on community support in the form of monetary donations, in-kind donations, and volunteer work crews. Your support and your organization are vital to improve the quality of life in Fort Bend County, one home at a time.